Peech Trading LTD

Our family has over 15 years experience trading in the apparel, footwear and accessories wholesale industry. With top online and high street clients worldwide, we can source, trade and distribute all parcels big and small. Peech Trading Ltd is now the forefront of everything we do.

We are in the position to help your company source, buy, sell and distribute products from any industry. Please fill in the relevant form and our team will contact you within 24 hours


Looking for stock to fill your shelves - then BUY FROM US - We hold and source stock from top branded goods, clearance, surplus and liquidated inventory. Get in touch for the latest availabilty


Looking to clear your warehouse - then SELL TO US - We buy any inventory - Wholesale, surplus, clearance or liquidated goods. Looking to clear inventory fast for cash flow and storage space. We buy parcels buy the pallet and truck load.


In need of logistic help - we can offer a FULL 3PL SET UP. From our head office and distribution centre based in Essex, UK, we can help move your stock globally, provide storage, wholesale and e-commerce processing. Let us take away the stress of the operations so you can get back to what you do best.

"We were having huge problems with a big corporate 3PL firm handiling our storage and ecomm fulfillment. They ignore the little man, with poor quality of work and bills spiralling out of control. We found Peech Trading and they have seemlessly taken control of our storage and fulfilment needs, with a personal touch. We now have the time to focus on our customers and sales. Our website has never looked better!! Thanks Peech Trading"

DOSCOM Ltd, 2023

"We had urgent overstock issues with high street closures, Peech Trading came the rescue with immediate collection and high volume storage. Their experience to deal with our wholesale and worldwide distribution needs has gone above and beyond our expectations. The attention to detail on every parcel of goods is outstanding, our future is with Peech Trading for sure"

Rawbridge Ltd, 2023

"Surplus inventory has been tying us down and detrimental to our cash flow for large periods of the year. We found Peech Trading and within a matter of days we had the stock sold, collected and cash in the bank. A massive relief, we could move forward again and onto the next deal. Looking forward to working with Peech Trading again soon, absoloute pro's"

Northkin Ltd, 2023