(For the purpose of this document Peech Trading Ltd ref: PTL)


All goods are purchased "SOLD AS SEEN"
No claims for discrepancies from the final figure will be accepted whatsoever.
The buyer understands that PTL will not accept any liability for any consequential loss, damage or injury sustained due to the selling or onward trading of these

Due diligence is carried out to the best of the PTL's ability in regards to copyrights/resale/counterfeit and pirated goods. When purchasing, PTL exercise thorough due diligence to the best of their ability by requesting samples of the products and researching prior to committing to any purchase.
PTL advises the buyer to complete their own due diligence when making any purchase.

No warranty is given or made to be implied to the goods, the buyer should request samples/arrange viewing of product if in doubt of product description, style or suitability.

The buyer agrees not to hold PTL, its affiliate, offices, directors, employees, legal advisors or agents liable for any loss or damage of any sort arising out of the contract.

The buyer will indemnify PTL from and against any claims whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from the resale, passing on or use of any Merchandise purchased from us.

Notification of cancellation of order must be received in writing.
If any order is cancelled after item(s) have been dispatched buyer is responsible for transportation costs incurred with an addition of a 15% re-stocking charge.

Quality Issues
PTL will replace, or issue a refund
for, any goods it judges to be defective, provided the buyer
has given written notice of the defects to PTL within five working days
after the day of delivery

From loading / departure of the goods from PTL premises, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the goods in full with no further liability on the part of the PTL

PTL will not accept liability for the goods during transport once they have left our distribution centre. The buyer is recommended to seek suitable cargo insurance with their hauliers/couriers or insurance providers.


PTL are buyers and sellers of surplus/bankrupt/clearance/wholesale stock. Stock is purchased by PTL without any warranties. All stock is therefore bought/sold by PTL holds no warranties unless otherwise stipulated in writing

Quality Control
All goods received shall be subject to inspection and approval by PTL within a reasonable period after receipt and PTL may reject the goods if the seller has failed to comply with its obligations.

PTL will notify the seller in writing of any such rejection, specifying the reasons. Thereafter the goods shall be held at the seller's risk and may be collected at the seller's expense.

Upon rejection of the goods or services the PTL shall be entitled to request the seller provide replacement goods within 7 days of initial receipt
or request the repayment of any part, or all, of the price which has been paid.

The seller shall not unreasonably refuse any request by PTL to inspect and test the goods during manufacture, processing or storage at the premises of the seller or any third party prior to despatch; the seller shall provide the Company with all facilities reasonably required for inspection and testing.

Terms and prices
Whether buying or selling PTL are flexible in that we are happy to agree terms based on the specifics of any deal. All agreements must be confirmed in writing by appointed persons of PTL and the seller/buyer

The price of the goods and the services shall be as stated shall be inclusive of all charges for packaging, packing, carriage, insurance and delivery of the goods to the delivery address, and of any duties, imports or levies.

No increase in the price may be made (whether on account of increased materials, labour or transport costs, fluctuation in rates of exchange or otherwise) without the prior consent of PTL in writing

The seller shall invoice at the agreed price and terms clearly noting all reference numbers and descriptions of goods or services within the invoice.

Delivery / Collection
Delivery and or collection is to be completed at the agreed time and place. Any delays / loading of incorrect products will lead to a rejection of the sale.

Full packing lists must accompany every order and sent over email along with a hard copy.

Warranties and Liability
The seller guarantees to PTL that the goods sold
Will be of merchantable quality and fit for its required purpose
Will be free from any defects in design, material and workmanship
Will correspond with any relevant Product Description or sample
Will comply with all statutory requirements and regulations relating to the sale of the goods

Can be freely sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland and EU unless otherwise
stipulated prior to sale. Any further ROW countries where goods cannot be sold must be advised when making any agreement

PTL has the right to cancel any order that does not comply with any of the above requirements. After the relevant quality control has been carried out PTL will acknowledge any/all issues in writing to the seller, within 7 days of the delivery/collection.

Storage & Fulfilment Services at PEECH TRADING LTD

PTL offers a fully bespoke fulfilment service for storage, wholesale and ecommerce clients, all agreements to be completed prior to any delivery of goods.

Both PTL and the client will agree upon an standard operating procedure (SOP) which will highlight all daily practices that PTL will assume in order to complete services for the client.

PTL will invoice for services on a monthly basis with 5 day payment terms.
Should any client fall 30 days overdue on account services will cease and goods held until the account is brought up to date.

PTL can provide all the necessary insurance documents on request and advises any clients to hold their own insurance to cover the cost of their goods held by PTL.


In line with new regulations PTL will not sell or pass on any of our buyer/sellers details without permission. Though to note in order to complete our transaction you agree that the details you provide may be passed to 3PL companies or within the supply chain related to the completion of the transaction

At any point you should you wish for your details to be removed from our database please confirm this in writing.